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Jalang’o – I made more money as a journalist than as an MP

Langa’ta Member of Parliament (MP) Phelix Odiwuor, popularly known as Jalang’o has revealed that he earned more during his radio career than he does now as a member of parliament.

The charismatic MP explained that a significant portion of his salary is allocated towards community contributions, highlighting his commitment to making a difference.

Jalang’o, known for his vibrant presence in the media industry, emphasized that the money he earned during his time as a radio presenter belonged solely to him.

However, he cautioned aspiring politicians against entering parliament solely for financial gain, asserting that leadership demands individuals who prioritize service over personal gain.

“When I was a journalist, I was being paid more than now as an MP. They say MPs get paid a million, but after tax, it is only Ksh 820,000. Approximately half of what I was paid as a presenter,” Jalang’o candidly shared during an interview with NTV.

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The talented MP highlighted the contrasting expectations placed on journalists and political leaders.

He noted that as a journalist, Kenyans relied on him to amplify their concerns through media platforms. In contrast, as an MP, his constituents expect him to address and resolve their issues actively.

Undoubtedly, Jalang’o’s transition from the media industry to politics has had its share of challenges.

However, he remains committed to serving the people, albeit with limitations confined to his constituents.

During the interview, he emphasized that his dedication to the people remains unwavering.

During his last job on Kiss FM, Jalang’o allegedly took home Ksh 1.2 million per month.

He started his radio career in 2004 at Kiss FM and transitioned to Radio Maisha in 2012.

He later joined Hot 96 FM in 2017, until his move to Milele FM in 2018.

However, in July 2020, Jalang’o returned to his radio roots and co-hosted the morning show at Kiss FM alongside Kamene Goro.

Jalang’o resigned from Kiss FM in 2022 to concentrate on his campaigns for the Lang’ata sit.

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