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Jalang’o reacts to Mulamwah’s baby daddy challenge on TikTok

Lang’ata Member of Parliament Phelix Odiwuor, popularly known as Jalang’o, responded to a TikTok video challenge on baby daddy drama initiated by comedian Mulamwah. His ex-lover and baby mama, Carrol Sonie also shot a response to the scathing TikTok.

Carrol Sonie took to her social media platform to address Mulamwah’s viral TikTok challenge, shedding light on their co-parenting struggles without explicitly mentioning Mulamwah’s name.

Acknowledging the label of being a “toxic baby mama”, Carrol admitted to blocking Mulamwah, even when he tried to contact her through a fake account.

“Of course, I’m a toxic baby mama,” she affirmed, sharing her experience of blocking Mulamwah’s attempts to reach out to her.

Ex akinitext na pseudo account ati ana nimiss, hata hiyo nablock. (My ex is texting me from a pseudo account claiming he misses me, but I’ve even blocked that,)” she said.

Mulamwah’s original TikTok video delved into his personal challenges as a baby daddy in Kenya, expressing frustration at being blocked and being judged harshly by society.

“I am a baby daddy in Kenya and I have been blocked,” Mulamwah revealed, expressing feelings of being misunderstood and unfairly targeted.

In response to Mulamwah’s complaints, Jalang’o and other netizens shared their thoughts:

Director_boyd: “They should be investigated by the government before they have a second child.”

Jalang’o: “They should be given a room… let them sort out their problems and breathe! I don’t know if it’s just me or do they still love each other?”

2mbili: “I am waiting for the story of my bestie… Oskof, I’m the reason they broke up… Oskof, I’m the replacement… Oskof, I’m expecting a baby with him… Oskof, they started to build a house and I’m the one who will live with him… Oskof, where is he now?”
flaqo411: “What country is this?”

Comedian Mulamwah and ex-girlfriend actress Carol confirmed their breakup in December 2021.

The two have a daughter together.

Mulamwah has since moved on and is expecting a child with his current girlfriend, Ruth K.