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Jalang’o shares the moment he saw his father cry for the first time

By Amina Wako December 10th, 2020 2 min read

Felix Odiwour popularly known as Jalang’o, has shared the story of the first time he saw his late father cry.

Jalang’o said his got emotional and shed tears when he was turned back from Maseno school for failing to raise the fees after he got a calling letter.

Speaking to MC Jessy on his Youtube channel Jessy Junction,  the comedian narrated how his father struggled to raise his fee for Maseno School after he scored 442 out of a possible 700 marks in KCPE.

“I have the calling letter from Maseno school and my dad is very happy that his son is going to change the narrative of the family. He opened the letter and went through the list of requirements sadly he could not afford anything on that list including my fees,”

Born and raised in Homa Bay county, all Jalang’o’s father ever wanted was to see his bright son succeed in life, especially by acquiring the best education.

However, because of his humble beginnings his late father could not afford the to pay his secondary school fees forcing him to go the fundraising route but failed to even raise half.

“By the time he was getting the money, not even full, it was already two months after the reporting date. We were told it was too late and they could not admit me to school,” he narrated.

Jalang’o narrated how his late father cried as they were turned away by Maseno School and that, he said, was the saddest moment of his life.

“That was the saddest part of my life. When my Dad cried, I never saw my Dad cry before,” he added.

Jalang’o and his father returned to Homa Bay disgraced and disappointed but his father did not give up just yet and opted to enroll him at Bar Kanyango secondary school in Siaya County.

After completing his secondary education, he influencer became a fisherman on Lake Victoria even after scoring a C+ in his KCSE exam.

After a long struggle to eke a living as a fisherman, Jalang’o decided to take a bus to Nairobi to start a life of his own and burning with big dreams.

Years later Jalang’o is proud of the person he has become after graduating in November from Daystar University with a degree in Community Development.

Speaking to MC Jessy, Jalang’o said it took him a while to go back to school because of his father’s last wish.

“The biggest thing is because of my father, when he passed on, he told me one thing, ‘make sure your mother has a home and your siblings go to school’. So, when my brothers graduated and my sister is married, doing their own things and everybody is settled down, I decided to go to school because I could now afford it.’

He believes he is now at a better place and on a pedestal to become greater with his eyes set on joining the world of politics in the 2022 general election.