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Judy Nyawira: How we introduced ‘taboo subject’ of sex to our little daughter

By Sinda Matiko September 9th, 2023 2 min read

In a conservative society where sex talk is considered taboo, Judy Nyawira has opened up about how she and her husband Abel Mutua found a way to have such conversations deemed uncomfortable with their teenage daughter Stephanie Mumbua.

Nyawira said it’s something they cultivated in their daughter from a very young age.

“We started having adult conversations with Mumbu at a young age as if she was an adult. But even then we have had to know what type of such conversation to have with her at every stage as she grows,” Nyawira explained.

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Nyawira began to have a menstrual cycle conversation with her daughter when she was only seven years old.

“When she was around six, she became so curious because she could see the pads and pods. At that age, she wouldn’t be able to understand what those resources are for. Nonetheless, I would tell her what they are actually called and that they are used by older girls like her mom and that when she grows up she would be able to use them,” Nyawira said.

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She says they used the same approach when it came to explaining private parts.

“Unlike how most of our parents did with us when we were young, nicknaming private parts, for us to Mumbu we actually told her what they are called. If it’s a vagina that’s what we told her it’s called not ‘susu’ or these other names,”  she said.

“So, now that she is 13 she is very comfortable with these conversations. The other day I heard her call it ‘couchy.’ Apparently, it’s a name to refer to vagina, that I learned from her.”

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