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Judy Nyawira: Why I fell for Abel Mutua

Judy Nyawira has opened up on how her relationship with actor Abel Mutua started way back when they were both in college.

In a candid conversation with the Lynn Ngugi Show, the content creator shared that she fell in love with Abel at first because of the hype surrounding him due to his reputation in the show Tahidi High.

What started as a dare from Abel’s friends ended up being the beginning of their 15 years.

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Judy Nyawira opens up on tough childhood

While Judy’s goal was to make her mother proud by excelling in her campus studies, when love came knocking she opened the door with open arms.

“There was a corner dubbed jobless corner where Abel’s crew used to sit and would cat-call ladies passing by. These men had apparently tried pursuing me to no avail and passed on the button to Abel who took up the challenge,” she recalls.

Though she was focused on her education, Judy was persuaded to try the drama club and gave in. On one of the days when they were rehearsing, it had poured so much that Abdi Mungai aka Munga volunteered to give me a hoodie to curb the cold.

“A few days later, I received a call from a caller who identified himself as Abel Mutua saying he had my hoodie. I was puzzled. My heart raced as I could not comprehend how the star of the school was calling me, a fresha. Also, I could not remember having any other hoodie apart from Munga’s.”

Remember the dare, Abel now had got an opportunity. He brought the hoodie to the hostel I was in and when he knocked at the door, all the ladies who were sharing the room with were stunned. Starstruck. They could not believe what the famous Abel Mutua wanted from her.

“I got out of the room and it did not register that he was trying to woe me. He leaned over and tried to kiss me and that is when it dawned on me,” she says.

Their relationship became the talk of the whole college since it remained a mystery how the two came to be. In addition, for the three years Abel was there, he had never dated any other lady.

“At first, I accepted to date him simply because it was Abel Mutua…and it was me he had chosen above everyone else. After some months, I got to understand that our characters and upbringing are just the same.”

Judy acknowledges that from those young humble days on campus, the two were able to build a strong foundation that has withstood the test of time.

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