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Kaeni na nyumba yenu! Why CS Florence Bore moved from Karen mansion at night

Labour and Social Protection Cabinet Secretary Florence Bore explained why she moved out of the Sh 120 million Karen mansion she intended to buy late in the night earlier this week.

The mansion belongs to Gatanga Member of Parliament Edward Muriu and his wife.

“He reached out to me. He gave me the 10% refund of the deposit and I moved out. There was a question that I moved out at night. It is because during the day I was working, and actually I worked on that day until about 9pm. So when I came home, I saw he had already released the deposit into my account. I searched for a house and within an hour, I had a new home. Very new so it was a blessing in disguise,” began CS Bore on Thursday.

She also denied the sellers’ claims that there had been no sale agreement between them, saying she signed her part and maybe he hadn’t signed his part, hence all the drama surrounding the occupation of the mansion in question.

“This was not something big. We should have discussed it. If he had gotten another buyer, I had no issue and I didn’t use any force. And some of these things, we finish amicably. It was a willing seller, willing buyer,” concluded CS Bore.

The drama surrounding this mansion erupted on mainstream media when the sellers claimed CS Bore had occupied their home without their knowledge and no sale agreement being finalized. According to the Murius, CS Bore had made an offer for Sh 90 million but they were asking for Sh 120 million at the least price. Mrs Muriu said they knew CS Bore had occupied the house when she sent staff to clean the house and mow the lawn on June 14, 2023, only to find that the house was occupied. They were denied entry by CS Bore’s security before the matter gained media attention.

“This is the genesis of anarchy and lawlessness when officers take the law into their own hands, criminally seize private property and use state machinery to continue their occupation,” said Honorable Muriu.

However, CS Bore maintained that they had entered into an agreement that required her to deposit 10% of the total amount and pay the rest within 90 days. She went on to claim that in less than 30 days, the Murius, accompanied by thugs, attempted to evict her family from the mansion while she was out of the country.

Her exit from the home came after the home association overseeing homes in the area told her on June 19, 2023, to prove there was a sale agreement between her and the Murius or they would disconnect all services afforded to homeowners as well as bar their access to the house.

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