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Kagwe warns against illegal sale of government issued protective equipment

Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe has issued a stern warning to persons selling Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that have been distributed by the government to health care workers in their institutions.

Mr Kagwe on Wednesday said that such individuals, if caught, will be arrested and face criminal charges.

“We have observed that some unscrupulous individuals are selling PPE’s when delivered to their institutions. I want to warn that such individuals will be arrested and face criminal charges because that is theft,” he added.

He also urged institutions to be more accountable for the PPE’s they receive so that health workers are not left without any protective gear when attending to patients.


“As we continue to provide protective equipment to our health care workers, I also want to urge institutions to be accountable for what they have received,” Mr Kagwe said.

Local textile manufacturers have been challenged by the Trade Cabinet Secretary Betty Maina to step up and meet the demand of PPE’s caused by the rapid spread of coronavirus.

Health workers in various institutions have been reported to be missing out on PPE’s making some of them afraid to attend to some patients brought to their facilities having Covid-19 like symptoms.