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Kalonzo Musyoka’s take on Niger, Gabon coups

By Mercy Simiyu September 3rd, 2023 2 min read

Kalonzo Musyoka suggests the recent increase in the number of coups in Africa points to a possible discontent among citizens.

Speaking in Taita Taveta at the event, Kalonzo, a former vice-president turned opposition leader affiliated to the Azimio la Umoja coalition, also made a heartfelt plea to the church to pray for Kenya’s stability in these uncertain times.

“We want to develop a democratic culture, recently there was a coup in Niger. Africa was supposed to experience what we call the silencing of the guns. This is supposed to be a decade in which Africa is supposed to say ‘No to military coup but that is not what is happening. You need to pray for our country because Africans are saying we would not allow bad leadership at any cost,” he pointed out.

The coup in Niger unfolded on August 27, 2023, when a faction of the military, led by General Amadou Goukoye, overthrew the government of President Mahamadou Issoufou.

General Goukoye’s faction cited concerns about corruption and the government’s handling of socio-economic issues as the primary reasons for their intervention. The coup resulted in President Issoufou’s detention, and a transitional government has been established to oversee the country’s affairs until elections can be organized.

Similarly, Gabon experienced a coup on September 1, 2023, led by Colonel André Mbadinga.

The coup saw the ousting of President Ali Bongo Ondimba from power.

Colonel Mbadinga’s faction accused the president of mismanagement and alleged electoral irregularities in the 2023 elections. President Ondimba released a video claiming he is in detention, while the coup leaders have proclaimed a provisional government, promising to hold elections in the near future to restore democratic governance.

There have also been coups reported in Mali, Burkina Faso, and Guinea, and Kalonzo Musyoka, who has declared his intent to challenge President William Ruto in the 2022 presidential elections, suggested the frequency of such events signals growing frustration among African populations with their leaders’ governance and called for a collective effort to address the root causes of these crises.

He stressed the need for political leaders to prioritize the welfare of their citizens, fostering a sense of trust and accountability to prevent similar crises from erupting in the country.

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