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Kenyan men share hilarious and experiences of paying for sex

It has never quite made sense to me just how a man would up and go pay a woman just to have sex with him, but men remain a complex mystery.

In the dimly lit corners of Nairobi’s bustling streets, the world of Koinange Street comes to life after the sun sets. It’s a place where stories are born, secrets are hidden, and, as I recently discovered, where Kenyan men share some of the most unexpected tales of their lives. These stories are not your typical tales of adventure or misadventure; instead, they revolve around a topic that often remains shrouded in secrecy – paying for sex.

As I sat down with a group of friends at a local café, sipping on steaming mugs of coffee, Daniel Aluoch couldn’t help but chuckle as he recounted his own misadventure. “Paying for sex was the lowest moment in my sex life,” he confessed, a mischievous twinkle in his eye. “I strolled down Koinange Street with a swagger, imagining I’d even get to grab boobies, spank her, and all that jazz. But for a mere 150 bob, I found myself being hurriedly condomized, and before I knew it, I was in the middle of the action. What baffled me the most was why the ‘pussy ya mapoko’ always felt so hot! In no time, she was shouting, ‘Wewe umekataa kumwaga, ongeza 50!'” Daniel’s revelation left us all in stitches, a bizarre yet strangely comical start to a conversation that would soon unveil more tales from the world of pay-for-play in Kenya.

Kevin Kioko chimed in, his voice filled with a mix of amusement and exasperation. “Fifty bob? You’re one lucky SOAB,” he chuckled. “I once picked up a ‘Lanye’ along Ngara, and we agreed on 500 bob when she hopped into the car. Little did I know what awaited me. Once we got to the lodging, I ‘bomoa’d’ that thing properly, only to hear her demand 5,000 bob to leave the room, threatening to cause a scene otherwise. That was my last ever encounter with the 304s (commercial sex workers).” Kevin’s story served as a stark reminder that the world of transactional sex could be as unpredictable as it was amusing.

John Kamau, another member of our group, nodded in agreement. “I can relate to that,” he said with a smirk. “One time, I was stranded in town and needed a cheap place to crash. So, I ended up in River Road, where I got a ‘lojo.’ On the way to my room, a visibly high lady of the night suggested we get a room together. You can bet I rushed to my room even quicker than before!” Laughter erupted around the table, as we all shared a moment of shared absurdity.

Allan Mukundi, the last of our group, offered his own jaw-dropping story. “Mimi nilipeleka beshte yangu day flani kama zake zimeshikaa,” he started. “Nikimngoja amalize mathe flani alikuwa na jaba akanishow anipee bj na soo moja. Hakutema hata jaba maze, aliisukuma kwa side ya mdomo na akaendelea na kazi. 30 seconds later nikamwambie aache na nikamlipa.” The table burst into laughter again, with Allan’s tale serving as a surreal yet strangely enlightening insight into the world of commercial sex in Kenya.

These stories, though lighthearted and humorous on the surface, provide a glimpse into the complex and multifaceted world of transactional sex in Kenya. While they may be filled with laughter and incredulity, they also shed light on the challenges faced by those involved in the trade and the unexpected twists that can occur when engaging in such encounters. 

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