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Kamene Goro and Kiss FM part ways: reason revealed

By Rajab Zawadi January 26th, 2023 2 min read

With Kiss FM breakfast show host Kamene Goro hosting her last show on Friday, January 27, 2023, finer details of what has led to her exit have emerged as the station’s management did not renew her contract.

The top hierarchy of the Radio Africa Group franchise is said to have grown tired of the radio host’s behaviour, who was reportedly earning over half a million shillings monthly.

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Having been poached from NRG Radio alongside Andrew Kibe, a move that caused social media buzz, the two joined Kiss FM on June 14, 2019.

Later, Kibe left and was replaced by comedian Jalangó, and when the latter resigned to vie for Lang’ata parliamentary seat, he was replaced by Oga Obinna.

With Kamene’s contract ending, Kiss FM honchos decided not to renew it.

Sources at Lion’s Place, the headquarters of Radio Africa, say the bosses had grown tired of Kamene’s misdemeanour of absconding duty on flimsy grounds.

“Kamene made a regular habit of not showing up to work, and she could give all manner of excuses most of the time, saying she was sick, and later she would upload photos and videos on social media of someone in a totally different situation,” a source revealed.

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For a while, that went unnoticed by the top bosses, but it was just a matter of time.

“When the top management took notice, that caused friction between her and them. There was actually a disciplinary panel set up to look into her conduct, and colleagues she closely worked with said she would text them at 6 AM, an hour to the start of her show, saying she won’t make it to work and request someone to hold her brief,” The source added.

Another issue that led to her departure was the declining number of show ratings.

“The ratings had dipped over time compared to when she first joined the station and hence the show wasn’t attracting advertisement and based on her huge salary, it was deemed fit to let her contract run out and hire someone else.”

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Nairobi News contacted Kamene via phone call when it first learnt of her imminent departure, and the infuriated radio host wasn’t ready to discuss the development.

“I don’t have anything to say but again how is me leaving the show, news? You people should know leaving is not an easy thing and you should let people be.” She said before hanging up.

With the bold and candid Kamene gone comes in the hyper and charismatic 38- year-old Sheila Kwamboka, a.k.a Kwambox, who will be taking over the mantle starting Monday next week, having quit Vybez Radio last week.

Kwambox has garnered a huge following among the Gen Z audience, which sets her apart since the station’s brand is youthful.

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