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Karen Nyamu’s first baby daddy speaks on meeting Samidoh and getting privileges’

DJ Saint Kevin, the first baby daddy of controversial figure Karen Nyamu, has spoken out about her co-parenting journey with the mother of her daughter.

During an interview with Spice FM’s host, Kwach, DJ Saint said he met Karen Nyamu at the popular joint Tamasha club, and the rest is history.

He described Karen as a great mother.

“Karen is a very good mom. We co-parent okay, no drama at all. There is no bad blood between us.”

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Dispelling rumors and addressing common stereotypes about co-parenting, DJ Saint Kevin refuted the notion that baby daddies enjoy special privileges in their relationships with their ex-partners.

“There are no privileges, none at all,” he asserted.

During the interview, the host, Kwach, delved into DJ Saint Kevin’s perspective on Karen’s current partner, Samidoh, whom he has had the opportunity to meet.

“This guy [Samidoh] came much later,” he explained, “Everyone is allowed to move on, but there is no bad blood.”

When questioned about his absence from Samidoh’s foundation launch, DJ Saint Kevin explained:

“We live completely separate lives; she has hers, and I have mine. We have a central point, our child. I go pick up my kid every week, and we are cool.”

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Recounting the challenges of their past relationship, DJ Saint Kevin revealed that his profession as a DJ contributed to the toxicity between him and Karen.

“As a DJ, I’m constantly interacting with women. A female fan can come on stage and give you a peck on the cheek as she requests a song, and Karen could not tolerate that,” he shared.

The constant quarrels and arguments eventually reached a breaking point, leading to their bitter fallout.

“It was fight after fight, and for me to decide to leave, we had gotten to a point of no return. Every time was an argument, and I felt it wasn’t fair for us to raise our child in that environment,” DJ Saint Kevin disclosed.