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Kenrazy spills tea on how Bahati and Diana monitise marriage for brand deals

By Sinda Matiko January 14th, 2024 2 min read

Veteran rapper Kenrazy expressed his admiration for the business acumen displayed by gospel artist Bahati and his wife Diana Marua, turning their marriage into a lucrative enterprise.

Kenrazy, who was once a prominent figure in the music industry alongside his wife, rapper Sosuun, shared his frustration at being unable to secure endorsement deals despite engaging in public displays similar to the Bahati-Diana duo.

Kenrazy disclosed that he recently had a candid conversation with Bahati, seeking insights into the couple’s ability to transform their relationship into a profitable venture.

Recalling the time when he and Sosuun were among the most talked-about celebrities, Kenrazy mentioned that they engaged in similar dramas and shared their private lives with the public, but failed to attract any corporate deals.

“The other day Bahati invited me over to his place for a hangout, and I had so many questions about how he has been able to turn his relationship with Diana into a money-making venture. Sosuun and I did almost similar dramas a few years back, like Bahati and Diana do now, but not once did we land a corporate deal from all that shenanigans,” Kenrazy explained.

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According to Kenrazy, Bahati shared that the process is more complex and demanding than it appears.

The rapper revealed that Bahati informed him about the strategic planning involved in creating content that sparks controversy, leading to public discussions and eventually securing endorsement deals.

“For the kind of things they do, Bahati told me it’s a whole different world and very demanding. You have to compromise your sanity, sit down, and strategise on something controversial that will get people talking, and the buzz will lead them to landing a deal of some sort,” Kenrazy added.

Acknowledging the potential backlash, Kenrazy emphasised that couples like Bahati and Diana are prepared to face criticism, prioritizing the end goal of financial success.

He noted that even though Bahati receives advice from influential figures to tone down the dramas, the gospel artist remains focused on the ultimate objective – securing lucrative endorsement deals.

“Look at the kind of endorsement deals they have been landing; we did these with my wife (Sosuun) but never got anything because for us, we shared our private lives for fun. Bahati and Diana document for money,” concluded Kenrazy.