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Kenya considers evacuating citizens from war-torn Sudan

The government has initiated plans to evacuate Kenyans in Sudan

The decision comes amid political unrest and protests in the country which commenced with reported squabbles within the military.

There are around 3000 Kenyans living and working in Sudan, with no casualties reported so far.

Speaking at a press conference, Roseline Njogu, the Principal Secretary of the State Department for Diaspora Affairs, also explained the government’s concerns with the welfare of Kenyans in the country.

She said: “Right now there is so far no casualty reported. However, if Kenyan citizens are in danger or unable to continue their peaceful existence ideally we will call for evacuation. We are committed to ensuring all Kenyans are safely rescued and brought home should the situation warrant it,” Said Ms Njogu

In addition, the government has set up a multi-agency technical team that is closely monitoring the situation on a real-time basis.

The department is also urging all Kenyans living and working in Sudan to remain indoors and to contact the Kenyan embassy in Khartoum through the emergency number +249900194854 or various social media channels.

A local emergency contact phone number, +2540114757002 has also been established for friends and relatives of Kenyans in Sudan to provide information for those in need.

This move by the Kenyan government is in line with its commitment to ensuring the safety and welfare of its citizens, both at home and abroad.

The move by the Keyan government comes days after President William Ruto urged a peaceful solution to the outbreak of clashes.

President Ruto said Kenya is concerned as “the outbreak of violence will only reverse the gains Sudan has made to the detriment of its lasting peace and prosperity”. He wrote on Twitter.

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