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Kenyan arrested in Dallas for brutal murder of 81-year-old woman

Police in Dallas, Texas have arrested a Kenyan man suspected of killing an 81-year-old woman in Dallas, Texas early this week.

The Kenyan, identified as 45-year-old Billy Kipkorir Chemirmir, was initially arrested and held in jail on theft charges.

According to multiple news sources in Dallas, Police say they were watching Chemirmir on Tuesday, March 20th on an unrelated case of jewelry theft when they saw him throwing away a jewelry box in a dumpster.

When they retrieved the jewelry box from the dumpster, police discovered the box contained a woman’s name, Lu Thi Harris.


Police then went to the woman’s address, only to find her dead from apparent homicidal violence and believe she was suffocated with a pillow.

Upon learning of the homicide, police interviewed the suspect before charging him with capital murder.

The suspect has a long criminal record, including having been charged in separate incidents in March and June, 2016 with criminal trespassing and false identification at a Dallas retirement community.

Some news sources claimed that Chemirmir is also being investigated in connection with several other deaths across multiple cities in the US.

In each case, investigators said it involves an older woman and an attempt to steal from and smother them.