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Kenyan celebrities adorning tongue piercings – All you need to know

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something new and trendy pops up and takes center stage. We’ve seen everything from avant-garde hairstyles to mesmerizing tattoos and piercings when it comes to artistic expression.

But there’s one electrifying trend that takes self-expression to a whole new level: tongue piercing. 

Ever wondered why someone would intentionally put a hole in their tongue, the one body organ that aids in eating and tasting food and all “good things in life”?

It remains a wonder, doesn’t it?

Well, apparently for many, tongue piercings is a badass form of expression that only shows how daring one innately is.

But how did this come about, to begin with? 

Before we dive into the present, let’s take a delightful detour through history.

Did you know that the fascinating act of tongue piercing has been around for centuries? Ancient Aztecs and Mayans flaunted them as symbols of prestige and valor, while Indian tribes believed they could appease the gods. Over the centuries, this form of body art has evolved, finding its way into various cultures, becoming an emblem of bravery and defiance.

In this regard, here are some Kenyan celebrities who have bravely gone down the path of tongue accessorizing.

Jackie Matubia – Famous actress and content creator Jackie Matubia has had a tongue piercing for as long as the internet can remember. The mother of two has always been openly expressive about the piercing without fear of being criticized by her fans and followers.

However, despite the stoic demeanor, the celebrity has had to battle a few naysayers in regards to her choice of stylish accessory. In November 2022, Matubia faced off with a fan who assertively expressed her distaste for the YouTuber’s piercing. 

“Kutuboa ulimi tu ndio kitu sijawai penda kwako,” the fan said.

To which Matubia responded: 

“Na sikuweka uuuuii pende… maisha ni yangu dada!!! kondeshwa na zako.” 

Amira – In June 2022, flamboyant Amira had her tongue pierced and she did not shy away from flaunting it on social media. The mother of two posted on her Instagram stories pointing at her accessorized tongue stating that it had already healed and was feeling rather good about it. 

Prior to the piercing, Amira had noted she had given up on trying to rebuild her broken marriage to businessman Jimal Rohosafi, choosing to focus on having fun and making money.

Lornzie Gatabaki – Kenyan lifestyle influencer Lornzie Gatabaki, wife to Diallo Gatabaki, and a quarter of the former popular girl group ‘Over 25’ also has a tongue piercing. 

It’s not exactly clear when she got her tongue pierced, but going by her Instagram posts, it wasn’t that long ago. Many of her fans have shared their sweet comments about the influencer’s piercing, with very little to no criticism. She and her husband have been blessed with a son whom they named Yayha. 

In Kenya, tongue piercings range between Sh2,500 and Sh5,000. For most people, the healing is fully completed between three and six months.

The process

Tongue piercing is a meticulous craft that demands precision and skill. The procedure involves puncturing the tongue with a hollow needle to create an opening for the jewelry. Performed by experienced professionals, the process is surprisingly quick and relatively painless due to the tongue’s dense muscle tissue. As the swelling subsides within a few days, the wearer can savor the exhilaration of their stylish adornment.

Tongue piercing is not just a mere fashion statement; it’s an art form that can speak volumes about your personality. With an array of jewelry options like captive bead rings, barbells, and even fanciful designs, you can customize your look to reflect your unique style. For the fashion-forward, there are glowing UV balls, sparkling gemstones, and even designs that change color with temperature. Each choice reveals a glimpse of the wearer’s personality, making it a truly unique form of self-expression.

Of course, as with any art form, safety is paramount. When considering a tongue piercing, make sure to choose a reputable and experienced piercing studio. Professional piercers adhere to stringent hygiene practices, reducing the risk of infections and complications. Don’t rush the healing process either; give your tongue the TLC (tender loving care) it deserves, and abstain from spicy or acidic foods that could irritate your new adornment.

It’s no secret that getting a tongue piercing can cause a temporary “achy breaky” phase. As your taste buds become acquainted with their sparkly companion, you might experience some swelling and tenderness which wears out in no time. Ice cubes and gentle rinses with saltwater will be your newfound allies during this time. Communicating in the initial stages might also prove to be a challenge, but with time one adapts. 


One intriguing aspect of tongue piercing is its effect on oral sensations. Some claim that it enhances pleasure during intimate moments, while others say it increases their awareness of taste and texture. A sensory symphony awaits those who dare to take the plunge!


Tongue piercing has not escaped the controversies that often accompany body modifications. Some critics raise concerns about potential dental issues and speech impediments, but research shows that proper care and maintenance can minimize these risks. As with any piercing, it is crucial to follow aftercare guidelines diligently, ensuring a smooth healing process.

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