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Too fake! Amber Ray throws more shade at Vera Sidika

The never-ending feud between Kenyan socialites Amber Ray and Vera Sidika has yet lit up social media after Amber offered insight into their beef.

During an interview with TV47, Amber expressed her views on Vera, labeling her as “very fake” and shedding light on a past incident involving their late mutual friend, Sally.

Amber Ray candidly stated, “We are not and we don’t love each other. And it’s okay. Hatupendani.”

The socialite went on to recall a situation where she believed Vera did not show genuine support for their mutual friend, Sally, during her time of need.

Amber revealed that her late best friend had been there for Vera, but when Sally passed away, Vera was noticeably absent and failed to contribute in any way.

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She emphasized that monetary support during such times is essential, as money cannot bury someone but can assist in honoring their memory and providing for their loved ones.

Comedian Ofweneke, who was present at the time, supported Amber’s statement, affirming that he never saw Vera at any of the meetings organized to support Sally.

After Sally’s death, Vera paid a moving tribute to her, describing her as a rare friend and expressed gratitude for their friendship.

“I might not have known you for years but the one year truly felt like 10 years of friendship. You were an amazing pure soul, Sally. I love you. Asia (Vera’s daughter) loves you so much. We will forever celebrate you. This is a celebration of a life well-lived,” Vera wrote.

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This is not the first time Amber has taken a dig at Vera. Amber once made several allegations, accusing Vera of living a fake lifestyle and claiming her boyfriend, Brown Mauzo, was jobless.

To further prove her point, Amber offered Mauzo an opportunity to perform at her baby shower and promised him fair payment for his services. She also alleged that Vera had been evicted from her Kitisuru mansion due to unpaid rent.

“You moved from Kitisuru, where you lied to people that you had bought the house. Your former landlord was a family friend, and I would never tell people that you moved to Mombasa due to outstanding rent arrears, which you haven’t paid to date,” Amber said then.

Amber also claimed that Vera was broke after she gave birth to her first child and that their late mutual friend had covered the expenses for her baby shower and hospital bills.

Vera did not pick up our calls when this story was published.

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