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Kenyan crime thriller movie ‘Mtaa Yangu’ to premiere next week

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 28th, 2023 2 min read

Kenya’s much-anticipated crime film, Mtaa Yangu, is set to premiere at popular cinemas across the country.

The thrilling movie, directed by Likale Washington Muyonga, promises to take audiences on a gripping journey through the world of crime, drama, and intrigue.

The premiere is scheduled for October 6, 2023, with the first screening taking place at Anga Diamond Plaza, starting at 7:30pm.

The film boasts an impressive ensemble cast featuring renowned actors and actresses such as Makovo Mbatha, who plays Gunner Kiprotich G; Sasha Orege as Wambui Kamau; Emily Nene portraying Catherine Njeri, and Mary Kinya as Nancy Lubanga.

The plot of Mtaa Yangu revolves around Kiprotich, a local gang leader, and his crew who collect “taxes” from the residents of Mwiki Town.

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In this crime-infested environment, the townspeople find refuge and protection in Gunner ‘G,’ another formidable crime lord.

As if the existing unrest wasn’t enough, residents begin receiving eviction notices from the local Member of Parliament (MP), portrayed by Nathan Songa, and the Governor, both with plans for foreign investment.

Mwiki Town becomes a hotbed of turmoil as the citizens demand their rights and the preservation of their homes.

Gunner ‘G’ is compelled to negotiate with the MP, who turns a blind eye to the residents’ pleas.

Feeling betrayed, especially after helping the MP achieve power through illegal means, G is left with a sense of entitlement.

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Following their heated confrontation, the MP conspires to have G murdered by two corrupt cops Lurther and Ben.

Amidst the chaos, G finds love in Catherine Njeri, a resident. Unfortunately, in a criminal operation, one of G’s gang members, Ras, kills Njeri’s brother.

Fearing that revealing the truth about her brother’s death could jeopardize his relationship with Njeri, G decides to bury the painful secret, unaware of the guilt that will haunt him.

In an attempt to save both the residents of Mwiki and his relationship with Njeri, G devises a plan to exit a life of crime, but it comes at a high cost – he must rob money from the MP.

Audiences will be gripped by the suspense, action, and moral dilemmas faced by the characters. Will Gunner ‘G’ succeed in his mission to protect Mwiki and find redemption?

The answers lie within the captivating narrative of Kenya’s newest cinematic offering.

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