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Kenya leads in global RnB music consumption on Spotify

Kenya has emerged as the world leader in RnB music consumption, according to data from Spotify, a Swedish streaming platform.

The data reveals that RnB is among the top five most streamed genres in Kenya, with Spotify’s RnB playlist ‘Tantalizers’ being the most popular.

A Spotify spokesperson commented on the adaptability and creativity of African musicians, stating, “R&B in Africa is a testament to the adaptability and creativity of African musicians. While R&B has traditionally been characterised by its soulful melodies and themes of love and relationships, African artists are giving the genre a unique twist by infusing it with their own cultural and musical influences.”

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In addition to Kenya, other African countries leading in RnB music consumption on Spotify include South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, and Uganda.

The top-streamed RnB artists in Sub-Saharan Africa on Spotify include Beyonce, The Weeknd, Chris Brown, Rihanna, and SZA. In terms of content, artists like Kenya’s Xeniah Manasseh, Ghana’s Baaba J, South Africa’s LLloysio, and Nigeria’s Bloody Civilian are topping the charts.

This surge in R&B music consumption has led to increased collaborations between international icons and African artists. Songs like “Wait For You” by Drake, Future, and Tems, “Monalisa” by Chris Brown featuring Lojay and Sarz, and Chris Brown’s “Call Me Every Day” featuring Wizkid showcase Africa’s rising stars on the global stage.