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Habida’s absence from music scene due to husband’s global ventures

Habida Maloney, the renowned Kenyan musician, recently disclosed the reason behind her prolonged absence from the music industry.

She revealed that her global adventures with her husband, Daniel Ebo, have kept her away from the music scene.

The award-winning singer is famed for her hit, Sunshine featuring Nameless.

Ebo, who has an impressive background in the hospitality industry, led the couple on a journey around the world.

They temporarily settled in various countries, including South Africa, Oman, the United Kingdom, and Dubai. However, Habida is now back in Kenya, ready to make her comeback in the music industry.

Habida expressed her dislike for the frequently asked question, “Where have you been?” as she believes she never truly left.

Instead, she explained that she has been actively working in different locations due to her husband’s career.

“I hate this question (Where have you been?) because I haven’t been gone. I have just been working in different places. I was in South Africa for about five years, moved back here, then we left again and moved to Oman. From there, we went to the UK, Dubai, and now I’m back,” said Maloney.

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Since her return to Kenya, Habida has wasted no time in getting back to work. She released an EP (Extended Play) album titled ‘Searching’ earlier this year, and she now has plans for a mini-tour to mark her musical comeback.

One of her latest projects is ‘Kenya Rising,’ which is a celebration of Kenya’s accomplished sportsmen. Habida noted that she believes there isn’t enough recognition and celebration of Kenyan athletes when they bring honor to the country.

Throughout her music career, Habida has accompanied her husband as he pursued various managerial roles in the hotel industry.

In Dubai, Ebo served as the Vice President of Sales at Aleph Hospitality, an independent hotel management company headquartered in Dubai.

Before that, he held the position of Director of Sales and Marketing for InterContinental Hotels Group in Oman.

In May of this year, Mr Ebo was appointed Commercial Director for Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Beach Resort in the United Arab Emirates, adding to his extensive list of roles with renowned hotel groups, including Radisson Hotel Group, Kempinski Hotels, and Hilton.

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