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Kenyan MP ghosted me, sent me fare! TikToker narrates hilarious drama

By Winnie Mabel December 13th, 2022 3 min read

A Kenya TikToker by the name Sharon Kalung’e hopped onto the social media platform and narrated how she met and interacted with a Kenyan Member of Parliament who asked her out on a date only for him to disappear on her.

“Story time. Hi guys. In my days of not minding other people’s business, guess who I meet? An MP! A Member of Parliament. Honourable. Someone whose name has a prefix- Hon.

And I was like poverty will finally get behind me, I am going forward with Jesus-  I gave him my number but then he did not reach out. But I was like if I gave myself away too easily, I won’t get any respect.

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So I waited for him to contact me. A week later, he contacted me and we planned to meet but he didn’t give me the venue and the time so I was like he was not very serious.

Three days later he called me around 9:40 in the morning and he was like, ‘I’d like to see you today’ and he gave me the venue and time and everything.

He asked me if I would be ready in an hour’s time and I was like, give me two. This is an MP, I needed to get ready, like seriously ready.

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He called back and said that he would send me fare so that I can come, he sends money but it’s less than a thousand shillings and he’s like, ‘that’s too little, let me come and pick you,’ and I was like poverty, continue staying behind me.

Anyway, you see how you are usually in a dilemma about what you’re going to wear? I did not have that dilemma cause I knew I was going to wear the best of the bestest of the bestest of my outfits.

I was ready by 11:55 because he was picking me up at 12 noon. I wore my wig- it was not that nice so I went to the salon and had it set and had it looking nice.

Guess what? Imagine the salonist did not charge me a dime for that and I was like, a good day can be seen in the morning. It was afternoon but it depends on when your day starts.

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So 12:04, I call him and he was user busy. He’s serving the country or whatever they serve so I’m like, let me chillax.

After some time, he calls back and he’s like, ‘Hey Sharon, please something came up, let me just get back to you.’ He did not get back to me.

I was stunning and it had been long since I’d dressed like that and everyone was noticing me. I was conspicuous. I was like, ‘Let me just get back to the house and save myself from this shame.’ But anyway, he’ll call. Hadn’t he sent fare? So he was serious and all that.

He never called.

Three days later, he calls and says he wants to see me that day and I was like, ‘Huh!” Sharon said.

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Sharon further revealed the MP began actively seeking her out with 5 am phone calls, and WhatsApp messages which she ignored.

She felt triggered that he was asking her out again after she dressed up and got ready for their date only for him to ghost her.

He apologized and begged her to meet him but she refused despite his convincing language. She said no one would treat her like trash even though they were honourable because she has self-respect.

The MP did not communicate with her again and she chose to keep the fare he had sent because she needed money at the time.

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