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Kenyan music producers deserve recognition – Motif Di Don

By Sinda Matiko October 17th, 2023 2 min read

Music producer Motif Di Don has raised concerns about the lack of appreciation for Kenyan music producers, highlighting that they often go unrecognised for their creative contributions.

Motif, who recently won the Music Influencer of The Year award at the Pulse Influencer Awards, expressed his frustration over the situation.

“Can you imagine, for over ten years in my music career, that was my first award despite all the big hits you all have heard from me. I honestly don’t understand Kenyans,” Motif vented.

Motif believes it took so long for him to be appreciated because producers are not considered as vital creatives in the industry, especially in comparison to musicians.

“It starts with our own artists who themselves don’t appreciate us producers. They are our first line of defense. If they don’t appreciate us, no one else will. They need to learn from their peers in other countries,” he emphasised.

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Motif pointed out that in other countries, such as Tanzania and Nigeria, musicians often have their own dedicated producers, and when they travel for shows, they bring their producers as part of their entourage. In contrast, Kenyan musicians are more likely to travel with cameramen.

“It says a lot about us,” Motif lamented.

According to Motif, the chemistry developed over time between an artist and a producer is crucial in creating hits. This understanding is well-established in Tanzania, Nigeria, and the West.

“It’s easier to work with a producer you have chemistry with than a new one. Tagging a producer during those trips saves you the hassle of looking for a new producer. Even if you come across a new sound while in a foreign land, it’s easier to fuse it because of the chemistry you both share,” he explained.

Despite his recent win, Motif still yearns for greater recognition.

“It doesn’t make sense that after all those years, I just got one award to show for my work. I’m actually looking at the win differently. The win is timely because at some point, I stopped doing music and got into influencing. So, it makes so much sense that in my first year of influencing, I won something,” he concluded.

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