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Vera Sidika frustrated by Brown Mauzo’s online actions to spite her

Socialite and entrepreneur Vera Sidika has recently expressed her frustration with her baby daddy, singer Brown Mauzo, after he unexpectedly shared a photo of their son on social media.

Brown Mauzo took to Instagram to introduce their son to the world, describing him as a “SIMBA @prince_icebrown.”

However, this unveiling did not sit well with Vera, who had allegedly planned and invested money in a grand face reveal for her son.

She felt that her partner’s actions had disrupted her carefully orchestrated plans. In response to the surprise announcement, Vera voiced her disappointment

“I had spent money and planned a whole thing, just for this to happen. Wow.”

Vera Sidika welcomed her son in March of this year.

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The celebrity couple decided to share the news of their son’s birth in May, several months after his arrival.

At the time, Vera was engaged in shooting a Showmax reality show, and they opted not to make an immediate announcement.

The first hint of their son’s birth was shared by Vera on Instagram, accompanied by a heartfelt message: “A prince has been born ..Ice Brown Welcome to my world ❤️🎉.”

However, she chose not to reveal the child’s face to the public.

This selective approach to privacy was maintained by Vera, who chose to gradually unveil her son through carefully curated content.

The momentous occasion was documented in a video on her YouTube channel, which showcased the journey of her son’s birth.

“The wait is finally over! 🎊A Prince has been born🎊 Ice Brown @prince_icebrown is the most handsome boy I’ve ever seen 😍😩❤️,” she wrote in her announcement post.

In the video, Vera Sidika shared her preference for luxury and comfort, revealing that her son was born in a presidential suite.

However, the couple’s current relationship status remains uncertain.

Two months ago, Brown Mauzo publicly announced their separation, suggesting a potential rift in their relationship.

Vera Sidika affirmed that Mauzo remains drawn to her, even though she wasn’t ready to rekindle their romance.

The unveiling of their son has sparked conversations and mixed reactions among their followers, with some expressing surprise at the decision to reveal the child’s face without the grandeur and ceremony Vera had planned.

Social media users shared their thoughts on the matter, with some advising Vera to consider an alternative way of unveiling her son’s face that aligns with her creativity.

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