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Zuchu’s mother doesn’t approve of Diamond as a son-in-law

Zuchu’s mum, Khadija Kopa has continued to disapprove her daughter’s relationship with Wasafi CEO Diamond Platnumz.

Zuchu’s mum expressed that she does not acknowledge the relationship between her daughter, Zuchu, and Diamond Platnumz.

Despite the couple’s public displays of affection on social media, Khadija Kopa has distanced herself from recognizing the man her daughter is reportedly dating.

Khadija Kopa emphasized that Zuchu has yet to introduce her partner to the family formally.

She made it clear that, in their cultural tradition, the only relationships they acknowledge are those that have followed the customary process of dowry payment.

“Matters of her relationship, I am not aware of them. Because in our culture, we only recognize relationships when a suitor has come forward, and that’s when you become aware of the relationship. But relationships from the outside, I am not privy to. If you want to know about them, you should ask her directly,” she told Wasafi.

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Kopa added: “But she is not married yet, there is no dowry. If someone has money, they should come, it’s not a lot of money. Simba has not married her nor brought dowry, he is neither her husband nor her fiancé. Anyone else can come.”

This isn’t the first instance where the famous mother has expressed her disapproval of her daughter’s relationship with the singer.

In September 2022, she reiterated that she did not acknowledge Diamond Platnumz as her daughter’s partner.

For a significant duration, Diamond’s family has dropped hints suggesting that the two are romantically involved.

However, during an interview with Wasafi, Khadija Kopa clarified that Zuchu had always introduced Diamond as a boss.

Khadija Kopa expressed, “Zuchu can only introduce me to the man who will marry her. I can’t force a relationship with my daughter. Diamond has not informed me that he is my son-in-law.”

The Taarab singer emphasized that her daughter is free to love any man, stating:

“Any man can be my son-in-law as long as my daughter loves them.”

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