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Kenyans raise funds for 3 sons abandoned by controversial singer Quincy Timberlake

City lawyer Wahome Thuku, over the weekend, said he’d managed to rally Kenyans to raise more than Sh 800,000 for three sons abandoned by Quincy Timberlake in 2009 for his new catch, former prime-time media personality Esther Arunga.

Mr Wahome brought the plight of the three sons- Trevor, Quincy, and Cassidy- to light on August 3, 2023, saying that after their father abandoned his wife, their mother fell into depression and eventually died in March 2022 after developing health issues, leaving them struggling with life.

“You also probably know that Timberlake had been married to a lady called Rose Mweni Gideon since 1990s, thereabout. They lived together in Komarock, Nairobi, and begot three sons, Trevor, 22, Quincy, 19, and Cassidy, 17. Rose was a housewife, born and brought up in Athi River, Machakos County. Then around 2009, Esther Arunga happened. Rose was interviewed in several media houses thereafter, explaining how she learned of the husband’s relationship with Esther through the media. She said after the news broke out, Timberlake came home one day, took away his stuff, and left, never to be seen again,” narrated Mr Wahome.

According to Mr Wahome, the three sons are bright kids and their mother struggled to educate them. Upon her death, however, Trevor had to step up and do casual jobs to maintain his two younger siblings. Eventually, his brothers had to drop out of school due to fees, and today, they live in a one-room house in Nairobi where well-wishers have been taking care of them after being kicked out of their home over rent arrears.

Mr Wahome went ahead to give out his mobile phone numbers-0722627091 or 0716340353- where people of goodwill could channel their financial contributions to uplift the young men’s lives.

Yesterday, Mr Thuku returned with a great update. Kenyans had raised over Sh 800,000 for the boys.

“Yesterday, I met three of the most humble humans in this city. Cool, calm, composed, and very very disciplined. The Timberlake brothers. Three brothers whom the world has taught lessons at those ages. Brothers who are now stuck together for good or worse. They rise or fall together. Brothers who live in a 10×10 room, two taking a double-decker bed and the third a couch.

So quite a set of kids in the same age bracket, resembling each other and each saying as few words as he can… Timberlake’s first wife, Rose Mweni, fell into depression and died in March last year, leaving the three boys on their own. But even before her death, the three kids were already facing the wrath of life.
Trevor schooled at Pioneer Potter Academy, Umoja. He cleared primary school in 2015 when the father was already facing jail in Australia. He scored 368 points and joined (a school) in Kitale, sponsored by the school owner. He attended Form 1 and then two terms of Form 2. He dropped out due to lack of fees, and only went back to sit for Form 4 exams in 2019. He scored a D.

Today, he sells chips in a small joint inherited from his mother. He takes care of the two young brothers – food, clothes, rent (8k), and everything else. Including their discipline. I talked to him yesterday and the first thing I told him is to think about how to go back to school. He would like to do that very very much.

Quincy is the second born. He schooled at Elite Primary in Nakuru. In 2018 he sat for KCPE and scored 416 marks. Yes, you heard me. He joined Chavakali High School in Vihiga County five days before the end of Term one. In other words, he never attended Form One term one. He attended Form 1 terms two and three. He proceeded to Form 2 and attended terms one and two and dropped out during Corona. He never attended Form 2 term three and the whole of Form 3. He went back there and straight to Form 4 in terms two and three. That was just after the mother’s death. He sat for KCSE and scored an A.

His first choice was Aeronautical Engineering and Kenya Poly University but he has been admitted for BSC in Mechatronics Engineering at Dedan Kimathi University. We are hoping he can change and take his dream course. Tomorrow he heads back to high school to clear fees and pay the many books he lost.

Cassidy Zuma is the last born. Born in 2006 just before Esther Arunga came about in 2008. Also attended the Nakuru Elite primary. He scored 379 marks in kCPE and joined Chania High School in Thika. A teacher called me from Chania asking me for his Admn No. It is 13384. He joined Form 1 South in 2020 and was there for two terms. He went back after the Covid break and was sent away over fees. His guardians tried to plead with the school but their cry fell on deaf ears. He moved to Mavoko High School and now is it Green Oak School in Nairobi combining Form 3 and 4. He is ready for KCSE in November. We are clearing 33k fees.

The two ladies were their mother’s classmates and now the kids’ guardians. They are literally their parents. Sally Njoki Ndwigah is the one who linked me to them. I will be telling you about her later. Will be giving an update on the finances raised so far but we are way past 800k,” concluded Mr Thuku.

Quincy Timberlake is currently in an Australian prison after being found guilty of the death of his young son he sired with Ms Arunga. Esther, on the other hand, was freed and is still in Australia.