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Kenyans react to Winnie Odinga’s freestyle rap with Breeder LW

By Neema Amani October 2nd, 2023 2 min read

Winnie Odinga, daughter of Kenya’s Prime Minister Raila Odinga, recently ventured into the world of freestyle rap alongside rapper Breeder LW, and their track “Crazy” was released online on September 30.

Their collaboration was born out of a Twitter trend where people thought Winnie looked so much like Breeder.

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Announcing the collabo, Winnie, 33, wrote on her socials, “Freestyle Friday with my twin brother,” she captioned their photos and videos.

The collaboration has garnered attention and received diverse reactions from fans and followers on YouTube.

The comments section on the YouTube video showcased a mix of enthusiasm and appreciation for Winnie’s unexpected entry into the rap scene.

Some fans expressed their excitement and admiration for her freestyle skills, while others commended the collaboration.

A few comments also made playful references to her family’s political background.

Here are some of the reactions from YouTube users:

– @denniskimanzi5584: “Octo once said: shortcut ikijipa make sure umeipitia.”

– @rawwwalerawwhtb9790: “Sh*t she’s fire.”

– @PilgrimMusicKenya: “Winnie’s flow is godly 🔥🔥🔥.”

– @krezivaksin: “Nlikuwa nashangaa hii talanta ya Baba ya kuimba during maandamano itaenda wapi🤣kumbe kuna mrithi already💯.”

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The unexpected collaboration between Winnie Odinga and Breeder LW has generated curiosity and interest in the Kenyan music scene.

It remains to be seen whether Winnie will continue exploring her rap talents or if this collaboration is a one-time endeavor.

In a past interview on Mwafreeka’s podcast, Iko Nini, Winnie challenged Femi One to a rap battle.

“I challenge her. I will do a cypher with and I will wash her. You don’t know what I can do. She is dope and one of my favourite rappers, but those who know me have always said that the best emcee is Kazi (her street moniker as a rapper),” Winnie said.

Th rich kid also pointed out some of the top rappers she listens to.

“I like Mbogi Genje, Wakadinali, then another rapper, Kamba boy called Mbithi, then there is another lady called Rosa,” she said.

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