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Kenyans share their experience of living in mabati houses

In lower residential areas like Mukuru kwa Njemga, Kibra and Korogocho mabati (iron sheets) houses are a common feature.

These temporary structures usually lack some amenities and at times dozens of people are forced to use one public toilet.

But not having a personal toilet is not the only problem that comes with living in a mabati house, at least this is according to a netizen on Twitter who wanted to know what some of the challenges people face when living in a mabati house.

“What do you know about living in a mabati house?” @cynthia asked.

Other netizens joined in the conversation.

“I hate the kids who walk with sticks nearby,” @Salhants said.

“Kelele ikinyesha,” @Gamer_Marc wrote.

“Hii mchana ni oven,” @genz8y said.

“Mbna unaexpose nyumba zetu?” @RobinNdichu said.

“The music from the rains is out of this world. You can feel your stress being drowned,” @SpryVoice said.

“Jirani amewahi pigana na bibi nikiwa kwa my uncle’s place kawangware karibu nidungwe kisu ya maskio nikiskiza bwanah,” @isoe_nickson said.

“I once lived in one pale kware, I didn’t have a Tv nilikuwa nawatch maria na tv ya jirani while sitted on my mattress kwangu, through tumashimo hukuwa kwa walls. Plus wakipiga mechi with lights on nilikuwa nawatch free live porn,” @Isaacwacira said.

“Kukinyesha ukiwa mechii>>>nikama kushabikiwa,” @mjomba422 said.

“It is a very uncomfortable house in extreme weather of cold or heat. It never gets comfortable not unless you insulate it by wood or foam work,” @pmuaghi said.

“1. Unaweka jiko njee iwake unakuja unapata ilibebwa na itarudishwa saa nane bila makaa 2. wizi ya pegs 3. Hakuna mtoto wa mtu, watoto ni wa ploti. 4. Hakunanga caretaker, mjipange mjue vile compound itangara,” @Trey_renny said.

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