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Khalwale warns MCAs after Kawira Mwangaza impeachment flops

Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale has warned Members of the County Assembly (MCA) after Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza survived the impeachment against her.

Khalwale was chair of the Senate committee that deliberated over the impeachment proceedings. In his message to the MCAs countrywide, Khalwale told them that they are not foremen to governors dictating and issuing threats plus ransoms when the latter does not abide by their needs.

“MCAs should take this as a lesson. They should not think that every time they wake up and decide a governor should leave, he or she will. They are not referring the matter to imbeciles but to the Senate, which is a sober upper house,” he said.

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Refreshing their minds on why they were elected, the vocal senator explained, “You are first and foremost elected to oversight the performance of the governor.

Secondly, you are mandated to form laws that can make county governments perform. So when you run all over the place, you are blackmailing governors because you want award development funds, you are missing it.”

Still, on ‘teaching’ MCAs how to conduct themselves, Khalwale informed them that they should know impeachment is one of the tools at their disposal and should not be used to their advantage.

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“We know in some of the cases in fact majority, of MCAs harass the governors because they want to tease them for the governor to succumb and give them money.

This we have decided as the senate of the republic of Kenya will not happen, we will protect our governors from greedy MCAs.”

The first female Meru governor Mwangaza survived the impeachment motion against her, with the 11-member committee saying none of the charges was proved.

The MCAs had accused Mwangaza of nepotism, illegal appointments, unlawful dismissals, incitement, bullying, vilification, misconduct relating to the nomination of County Executive Committee Members, and violation of public finance management laws.

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