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Kinoti tells Kenyans to respect ‘academic dwarfs’ in the police service

The Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) George Kinoti has warned politicians and the public against provoking police officers by questioning their competencies.

The DCI boss, who was speaking on Wednesday during the launch of training for 20 million citizens on digital skills, said police officers risk their lives to protect the country and as such, their sacrifice should not be taken lightly.

While addressing the recent verbal attacks on police officers, Kinoti said the fact that most officers might not have the highest academic qualifications does not mean they should be disrespected.

“You’ve heard us being demeaned; that we’re academic dwarfs. Instead of celebrating our emotional intelligence, you make fun of our academics. When you demean an officer to an extent of provoking him, he may most likely commit a felony and when circumstances are analysed he may not be held criminally responsible,” Kinoti said.

Last month, Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala found himself in the middle of a storm over disparaging remarks he made about members of the National Police Service (NPS) during a political rally in Lumakanda Market, Lugari Constituency.

The Senator had said police officers should be “school dropouts, who need not be educated.” He also claimed the work of the police “is just to carrying guns.”

The remarks drew widespread criticism from the public as well as the National Police Service, which termed Malala’s statement as unwarranted and outrageous.

The vocal politician, who is vying to be Kakamega governor in the August 2022 polls, would later issue an apology, saying his remarks had been taken out of context.