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Know which type of a man he is? A hyena, lion, cheetah, or crocodiles

By Winnie Onyando December 13th, 2023 2 min read

Women often find themselves traversing through a diverse array of men, each embodying distinct characteristics reminiscent of creatures from the wild.

As women navigate the dating jungle, understanding these archetypes can serve as a guide to identifying and navigating the complexities of relationships.

Each type comes with its own set of challenges and, perhaps, surprises.

It’s essential to stay vigilant and true to one’s values amidst the allure of the dating wilderness.

Let’s delve into the dating jungle and meet the various types:

Mr Hyena
This is the type of man who is full of life. He entices women or ladies with his words but lacks commitment.
Such a man thrives on humor and mischief.
However, his lightheartedness sometimes masked a lack of commitment.
Just as hyenas roam in packs, such a man prefers the company of his friends over building a deeper connection.

Mr Crocodile
This is a patient and cunning man.
Much like the crocodile lurking beneath the water’s surface, such a man takes time to get to know a lady.
He is a steady, reliable man and seemed to have a plan for every situation.
Yet, beneath the calm exterior, there is a sense of territoriality. This is a possessive and guarding man.

Mr Lion
This is a kind of a man who is confident and full of strength. He is full of charisma, leading with a roar that attracts attention.
However, just like the lion’s dominance in the savannah, such a man has a tendency to be overly controlling.
When you get into such a trap, know that you got a lazy man, this is because they know the jungle belongs to them. They don’t give a damn.

Mr Cheetah
This is a man who is always on the move, chasing after the next adventure.
His energy and spontaneity are exhilarating, much like the cheetah’s speed on the open plains.
He is always excited and ready to charm and corner you.
However, he is unstable. He lives the relationship with the same speed he started it.

Mr Spider
This is a master weaver of words, creating intricate webs of charm and flattery.
He can have spun a captivating narrative that ensnared you in his silken threads.
However, just like a spider, his intentions are not always clear.
When with him, you begin to feel trapped in a web of manipulation and half-truths.
This kind of a man is a psycho. Others can’t believe you when you tell them what he does. This is because he is always smart and shows only the best part of him in public.

Mr Snake
This kind of a man is smooth and calculated, much like a snake slithering through the grass.
His charm is intoxicating, and as a woman, you can be easily drowned to his mysterious allure. He is very deceitful. His silver tongue hid a capacity for betrayal.
Not to forget, this kind of a man is the one who whispers negative things to his friend’s wife or girlfriend just to have them