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KOT react to Rachel Ruto’s invite to Benny Hinn for govt-sponsored crusade

By Winnie Onyando September 21st, 2023 2 min read

Kenyans have taken to social media to share their diverse reactions following a video that surfaced online, featuring renowned American preacher Benny Hinn revealing to have met with Kenya’s First Lady, Rachel Ruto.

The video has stirred a mix of emotions among Kenyan citizens, as many feel that Mama Rachel is wasting taxpayer’s money.

Some Kenyans are concerned about the financial implications of hosting such an event.

They worry that taxpayer money may be allocated for what they perceive as a potentially extravagant undertaking.

One X  user voiced his concern, saying, “Mama Rachel Ruto will allocate millions of taxpayer funds for hosting Benny Hinn in what some consider an extravagant crusade to pray for Kenya.”

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On the other hand, others are worried that the burden of financing the crusade will fall on the hardworking taxpayers, diverting resources away from pressing issues.

“The hardworking taxpayers may bear the cost of the crusade initiated by First Lady Rachel Ruto. Brace yourselves for a spectacle, complete with the skepticism often associated with such events.”

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Another user highlighted, “First Lady, a devout Prayer Warrior and Intercessor, made a significant effort by flying with her team to Orlando, Florida, to invite evangelist Benny Hinn for state-sponsored crusades. These events aim to pray for divine guidance, long life for leaders, and an end to corruption.”

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While conducting one of his preachings, Benny Hinn said that Mrs Ruto flew to Orlando, Florida, together with her team, to ask him to attend a crusade in Nairobi.

The televangelist revealed that the First Lady told him the crusade would not only be nationwide but also fully sponsored by the government of Kenya.

“Something amazing happened. The First Lady of Kenya flew from Nairobi with her team, just for one reason; to ask me to come back to Nairobi for a nationwide government-sponsored crusade,” Hinn said.

The preacher said it took him by surprise since he had never experienced a First Lady inviting him for a government-sponsored crusade.

“The only time I think we’ve ever had that was in Papua New Guinea,” he added.

Hinn said Ugandan preacher Robert Kayanja accompanied Ruto, as they wanted the crusades to be jointly held in Kenya and Uganda.

“They want to do two crusades for each country, I said, OK, Lord, you still have more time for me,” he further said.

The First Lady is known to be religious and hosts prayer sessions at the State House and other areas across the country to pray for drought, the country and even her husband.

The Rutos are not shy of publicly professing their Christian faith and it was one of the reasons many were drawn to them and voted him into office in 2022.

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