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KU launches new training model

Trainee teachers at Kenyatta University will now be supervised by masters and PhDs graduates in changes meant to make teaching practice more effective.

Vice-Chancellor Olive Mugenda on Wednesday said the graduate students will supervise their undergraduate colleagues on teaching practice and mentor them for the whole term.

Previously, Bachelor of Education students used to be seen twice or thrice by lecturers during their teaching practice period.

Prof Mugenda said that the innovative model had been informed by a rise in number of students taking BEd courses which the format previously in use could not cope with effectively.

She added that the new teaching practice model focuses on a strong mentorship component from secondary schools teachers and principals.

“Instead of being seen twice or thrice by lecturers as before, our students will be seen and supervised the whole term by both selected school mentors and University lecturers,” said Prof Mugenda.

Speaking during the launch of the programme at the university , Prof Mugenda observed that university professors and lecturers will in turn supervise the teacher mentors.

She added that the supervisors will mentor the students so that they are well acquainted with other issues that relate to teachers such as positive attitude and general behaviour.

“This new mentorship programme will also instill leadership qualities in the trainee teachers.

“Kenyatta University will produce the next generation of holistic teachers, added Prof Mugenda.

She said the model has already received the blessing of Teachers Service Commission (TSC), the various teachers’ unions and other stakeholders.