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Kura disowns its own conspicuous structure erected on Ngong Road – PHOTOS

The Kenya Urban Roads Authority (Kura) on Thursday publicly disowned and demolished a concrete structure bearing its initials which had been erected on Ngong Road following a public uproar.

Kura further warned that those who erected it would face legal action because the road authority had not issued any approvals for the construction of the structure – which, strangely, had the initials ‘KURA’ – and termed it illegal.

“It is illegal to place any structure on our roads without requisite approval,” read a post on social media by Kura to the amusement of Kenyans on social media.

The structure which had been erected by Kura on Ngong being demolished. PHOTO | HILARY KIMUYU

Kenyans online ridiculed the state authority, questioning how it was possible that such a large structure was erected on the road without its knowledge and approval.

The structure which was erected by Kura on Ngong demolished. PHOTO | HILARY KIMUYU

Kura however did not offer any response to the puzzle of the construction and completion of the concrete structure supposedly by its employees, leaving Kenyans to ponder over what might have transpired.