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Ladies, eight secrets you should never tell your man

They tell you that marriage is about open doors and open communication. What they don’t say is that some things are better kept unsaid.

There are secrets which when revealed will only hurt rather than help your relationship. Here is a look into some things you should probably keep from your man;

1. What you think of his best friend – A man’s best friend is an extension of who he is. If your think his best friend is hot, telling him will rub him the wrong way. If, on the flip side, you think that his best friend is a loser, unless it is negatively affecting your man, it is best not to say it.

2. About the guy that hit on you – I know, you are probably happy with yourself that another man hit on you but you held your ground. The truth however is that telling you man will not help your relationship.

3. That you cheated on your ex – If for whatever reason you cheated on your ex, your current doesn’t need to know. Telling him that you cheated even if you had a valid reason will just make him less likely to trust you.

4. The faked orgasms – If you have faked an orgasm, then you are obligated to forever hold your peace. If you didn’t tell him then, there is no use telling him now.

5. Details from your friend’s bridal shower – Some things, like your sluttiest moments, are better left unsaid. What you did at that bridal shower three years before you met him, he doesn’t need to know about it.

6. That he isn’t your usual type – It happens. Sometimes you get with a man you wouldn’t normally date and the two of you hit it off like a bush fire. If this is how it happened between the two of you, he doesn’t need to know. Telling him now will just make him insecure, it won’t help anybody.

7. Your bests – If he isn’t your best lover or your best relationship isn’t the one you have with him, he doesn’t need to know. Those are things that you should keep to yourself.

8. Your toy collection – If you are one of those women who like to use adult toys, keep it to yourself. Telling your man about your secret collection will just make him feel inadequate.