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Larry Madowo raises concern over JKIA’s lack of shelter along taxi terminal

CNN reporter Larry Madowo has once more highlighted the failure of the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) to adequately restructure the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) to better serve their customer.

The famous reporter, who has been using his social media platforms to reach out to his thousands of followers, expressed his dissatisfaction with how the government is doing little to protect ordinary travellers using the airport.

When he landed at the airport, on April 9, the rain was pouring down and he had to walk along the pavements to get to the taxi terminal.

Throughout the ordeal, he endured the relentless rain, made worse by the lack of shelter at the airport. This inconvenience annoyed the reporter, who had travelled through many countries and experienced different conditions.

Hoping for better service, Larry struggled with his bags as he made his way to a taxi and stumbled onto a flooded pavement.

“What is this, really? How embarrassing for an international airport. We can do better than this,” said Larry.

He went on to say that he would continue to expose such embarrassing scenes until the government took action.

According to him, government officials were probably unaware of the lack of shelter, perhaps because they rarely use the terminal for ordinary travellers.

“Their leaders don’t experience this embarrassment at JKIA because they are picked up from the plane, taken to an exclusive government VIP section and then straight into a waiting car. They don’t mingle with the masses,” Larry explained.

This is not the first time the renowned journalist has exposed the government at the JKIA terminals.

A while back he documented and circulated a clip of a leaking roof at the terminal, showing some staff using buckets to collect water falling from the roof as some travellers sought shelter in safer areas.

In response, the government, through the Ministry of Transport, headed by Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen, stepped in to fix the leaks.

The CS has also formed a task force committee to survey all airports in the country and make recommendations on what needs to be done.

Larry has also been vocal about the airport blackout whenever the country faces a nationwide blackout.