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Let me heal in peace – man who travelled to Kwale to gift girlfriend flowers

By Freya Wanjiku February 6th, 2023 2 min read

Kevin Mboya, the famed man who travelled from Nairobi to Kwale to gift his girlfriend flowers, has asked Kenyans to let him heal in peace.

Mboya, who had been under fierce criticism following his botched surprise, told doubting Thomases that he was not clout chasing, declining the offer to have the girlfriend called.

While on an interview with NTV, Mboya shared that he was uncomfortable with the move to have his girlfriend called on air, something Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) did not take lightly, saying he was covering his tracks and just wanted to bag ambassadorial deals.

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In response, Mboya tweeted, “Kenyans should just let me heal in peace instead of all these trolls and misinformation. Also, people should understand that we react differently to difficult situations. Some of us respect people’s privacy and we can’t start calling them in public without first letting them know.”


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Mboya’s fame grew overnight with a tweet of him buying some flowers and taking them to his girlfriend being his blessing in disguise.

The tweet read, “I have traveled all the way from Nairobi to Kwale to come and surprise my girlfriend on her birthday. I haven’t texted or called her in the last 24hrs, she maybe thinks I forgot it’s her birthday. I am waiting for her just outside her office to surprise her. I hope it goes well.”

It would then garner reactions from brands and KOT, who, after hours, asked for an update.

Mboya would then keep them waiting for quite some hours, and as the pressure mounted on the bird app on his whereabouts, brands started throwing themselves at him offering enticing deals.

From multi-national corporations to travel companies and hotels, Mboya’s return must have been a comeback of the year if all would honour the deals they spelt out to him.

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