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Longer wait for Eldoret’s city status push

Residents in Uasin Gishu county will wait a little longer for Eldoret town to be conferred as a city preparations move to the last stretch.

In February 2024, officials had disclosed the conferment of the status had been scheduled to this month (April).

But then, Devolution and Public Service county executive Elijah Kosgei told Nairobi News the tentative date for award of the city status has been pushed to June 2024.

He attributed the push to “logistical issues”.

He disclosed that the devolved unit was working to have a monument in the Central Business District (CBD) ahead of its unveiling.

“We have finalized on the design of the monument which will be placed at Kilometer Zero which is adjacent to the county headquarters. We already have a team composed to handle the preparations,” he explained.

President William Ruto is expected to award the charter for the elevation of Eldoret municipality as the country’s fifth city in the month of June.

Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and Nakuru are the country’s other cities.

Meanwhile, the county executive also disclosed that they are keen to set up a national museum to act as the repository of the rich culture and heritage of the communities in the country.

“We are in discussions with the Kenya Wildlife Services to consider having the museum inside the arboretum. As a county we are privileged to be considered for the city status as we will work round the clock to make it a reality,” explained the executive.

Mr Kosgei also stated that the devolved unit was working to upgrade the Burnt Forest and Moi-Bridge township as the municipalities as they have met the requirement of having a population of more than 10,000.

He explained that the devolved unit was determined to have affordable and decent housing units for all the residents as the town moves to the city status.

“Recently, President Ruto launched 20,000 affordable housing units which will go a long way to ensure decent housing for residents. We are also working on a scheme so that the county employees can get a housing unit,” explained the executive in an earlier interview.

Uasin Gishu County governor Jonathan Bii recently said that there will be immense benefits that will come with the elevation to a city status.

“We will not only attract investors and more funding but this will increase our visibility in the international area. I am committed to work with stakeholders to make this a reality,” stated Governor Bii.

The Eldoret Municipality was also awarded the excellence award, recognizing the achievements in providing ample road infrastructure, establishing an effective emergency response system, offering quality healthcare facilities, and hosting one of the nation’s largest airports, Eldoret International Airport.

Eldoret town boasts of the iconic and landmark buildings that include the Barngetuny Plaza, Kiptagich, KVDA, Daima Plaza among others.

Eldoret serves as an artery linking Kenya to East African land-locked countries such as Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan.

The urban center is also one of the country’s traditional food baskets that produce maize and wheat and other crops. Its economy is reliant on agricultural activities.

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