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Louis Otieno to hold fundraiser for Sh4m ear surgery at posh hotel

Former TV anchor Louis Otieno is set to hold a fundraiser in two weeks at the Kempinsky Hotel.

The fundraiser dinner will be held to achieve the targeted Sh4 million required for Otieno’s ear surgery.

Kenyans have already donated Sh1.73 million to the former celebrated TV personality.

A poster advertising the May 18 fundraising dinner thanked Kenyans for their donations stating; “It is now time for a final effort to meet the required target of Sh4 million.”

During a recent TV interview, Otieno narrated how he lost his sense of hearing after months of being hospitalized for a damaged pancreas.

He now has to depend on lip reading and written notes.

“One morning I wake up and I can’t hear the nurse just like that. I was in shock. How do you wake up one morning and your world is gone? I lost the world in one single day…I ended up with a hearing aid but what it did, I opened up the noise around me but I could not discern speech. I literally live in a cave I have no idea whats going on in the world.”


The journalist has also lost his sense of gravity.

“I immediately went into a very bad depression. I just sunk my spirit sank, everything sank. All of a sudden I cannot walk a straight line, very basic things like standing in the shower became a risk. You’ve got to put a stool in there. Why am I falling down in the house? I have a scar,” he said.

His doctors have told him that he needs electronic implants inserted in his cochlear, the inner part of the ear responsible for detecting sound.

“One of the things I hope for once I get the implants is get my body balance back and I can get out and I can go back and help and work,” he said. “My daughter comes from school I can’t hear my daughter every day. It’s painful.”