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Lupita Nyong’o pens special message to her mother as she celebrates birthday

Oscar Award-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o is marking a special milestone as her mother, Ms Dorothy Nyong’o, celebrates her birthday.

Lupita shared a series of photos sharing their journey over the years.

She began with a photo capturing both of them smiling, holding her newly acquired cat, Yoyo.

Another one featured Lupita, adorned in a green strapless gown, posing alongside her mother.

In a heartfelt tribute shared on social media, Lupita expressed admiration for her mother, describing her as not only her closest friend but also her number one champion.

“Today is her birthday. She was a baby once upon a time. She was a child once upon a time. I didn’t know her back then (obvs!); when I met her when she was an adult, I thought she knew everything. Now that I am older, now that I am an adult myself, I know that she too is figuring things out as she goes through her one gifted life.”

Lupita went on to acknowledge the profound love her mother possesses, a love that surpasses all understanding and has been generously shared with their family.

She credited her mother with teaching her that the most rewarding pursuit in life is love.

“At a time when I am terrified to make that principle my north star, I am reassured by the bounty of her love and generous spirit. May I grow to be half the woman she is. #BirthdayTribute.”

The celebration continued as Lupita shared cherished photos from her time spent with family in Nairobi.

On Jamhuri Day, the actress posted a video on her social media platforms titled ‘A love letter to Nairobi.’

“I ❤️ the continent I am from. I want to share some of the wonderful things about it. What better way to start than by celebrating Kenya on #JamhuriDay with a tribute to Nairobi! 🇰🇪 Part 1 of 3 #LoveAfrica #IndependenceDay.”