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Lupita talks of her new calling

Lupita Nyong’o is back home. Back where as a little girl of six, she went up the stage to sing a song in Nairobi.

Most words garbled in the way of a child but above all the words “put him back, where he belongs, the elephant” ring clear.

Fast forward to 2015. That little girl is all grown up. She is now a movie star who has won the ultimate accolade, the Oscar.

Right here just a few miles away from where it begun in on a chilly day in Nairobi it all comes full circle.


Lupita, this time as she would go on to say, knows her strengths and will not be singing but lending her voice to the elephants.

And she will not say much else. This time the elephants have got their day.

For her only public outing, she wore a complex yet surprisingly simple navy and white wrap dress in tribal pattern with runched details paired with matching navy shoes with a gold-coloured heel.

Her hair, a little afro deliberately tousled, not too neat, not too rough and like her dress, it straddles a line between careful thought and effortless chic.

She is eloquent and becomes engagingly exuberant as she talks about her newest role, that of the Global Elephant for WildAid.

In partnership with WildAid, an organisations that seeks to glamorise conservancy by harnessing celebrity power, Lupita may have found yet another of her true calling.


“Hello. Feels really good to be back home. I am honoured to speak on a topic so near and dear to my heart, the conservation and preservation of elephants,” she said.

For her, it was not too late to come home and assure Kenyans that she has been away for our benefit and has come back at the right time.

“I need to be where things are happening and this has taken me away from home often. I have been away busy filming and doing stuff that makes Kenyans proud,” she said.

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SOURCE: Daily Nation