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Man charged with stealing his mother’s chicken

A man who allegedly broke into his mother’s house and stole seven chicken, utensils, and shoes worth Sh15, 400 after she declined to give him money has denied theft charges.

Gerald Mukiriwas, 28, was arraigned at Kibera where he was also charged with malicious damage to property before chief magistrate Joyce Gandani.

Mukiri is accused of stealing the birds, six sufurias, and two pairs of shoes from his mother Lucy Muthoni Muhoro at her home in Uthiru, Nairobi on May 20.

In the malicious damage count, Mukiri is accused of wilfully and unlawfully damaging his mother’s iron sheets – house walls and window panes all worth Sh15,000 on the same day.

Court heard that Mukiri reportedly broke windows and jumped into his mother’s bedroom as she slept, after she declined to open the door for him.

He is said to have turned his mother’s beddings upside down looking for money and found nothing including in her handbags.

She stood at a corner screaming for help as the suspect ransacked her bedroom.

Mukiri had banged the door several times but Muhoro refused to open for him, prompting him to break the windows, which sired the charge of malicious damage to property.

He is said to have left the bedroom with only the two pairs of shoes and moved to the other rooms where he allegedly stole the other items.

Mukiri was freed on a Sh50,000 bond with an alternative cash bail of Sh30,000.