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Matatu owners promise to charge you less on Election Day

Matatu owners have promised to charge passengers less fare on election day in a rare gesture of generosity.

Matatu Owners Association chairman Simon Kimutai on Tuesday said that they had consulted and agreed with their members to reduce fares especially in long distance routes.

The association refused to indicate the percentage of the fare cuts.

“We have asked our members especially those travelling far to reduce fares after they have assessed their costs. They can pass their profits to people who are heading to exercise their democratic rights,” said Mr Kimutai.


The reduction will only be effective on election day.

Mr Kimutai assured that matatus will be available as early as 5am in the whole country.

He added that they will be working police to ensure the security of passengers.

Elderly passengers over 70 years and people with disability will be transported free of charge over short distance.

“We still are going to give free rides to the aged and the people who are physically challenged, but only in short distances and only when heading to voting station,” said Mr Kimutai.

He called upon those demonstrating not to distract their business by stoning vehicles.