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Mbosso survives car accident in US with airbag injuries (Photos)

By Grace Kerongo February 15th, 2023 2 min read

Tanzanian musician Mbosso, signed under WCB Records, has been involved in a car accident in the United States of America.

The accident occurred in Seatle, Washington, while he was on tour promoting his latest album.

Mbosso's car accident in the US.
Mbosso’s car being towed after the car accident in the US. PHOTO| COURTESY

Mbosso suffered injuries to his right-hand shoulder and left-hand ribs after another vehicle hit them on the passenger side.

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Mbosso's car accident in the US.
Mbosso being attended to by a paramedic after the car accident in the US. PHOTO| COURTESY

Mbosso has shared clips of the accident on his social media, and while the injuries sustained were serious, he reassured his fans that he is generally okay.

After the car accident, a paramedic was seen taking Mbosso’s vital signs to ensure that he was okay.

The police were also called to the scene to record statements and investigate the cause of the accident.

It is not yet clear if the accident will affect his tour schedule.

Mbosso's car accident in the US.
Mbosso’s car accident in the US. PHOTO| COURTESY

Airbags are designed to protect passengers in case of an accident, but even when they work properly, they can cause injuries.

The most common injuries include facial injuries, chest injuries, burns, fractures, traumatic brain injuries, eye injuries, ear trauma, internal bleeding, respiratory issues, and injury to the fetus in pregnant women.

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Mbosso's car accident in the US.
Mbosso being attended to by a paramedic after the car accident in the US. PHOTO| COURTESY

These injuries are more likely to occur if the occupants were not wearing seatbelts at the time of the accident.

The singer had already performed in Phoenix, Arizona, and Seattle, Washington as part of his tour before the accident occurred.

Last year, Mbosso had to postpone his American tour due to a doctor’s advice, as he was unable to fly for more than 8 hours because of a heart condition that sometimes causes his hands to shake and makes it difficult for him to perform for long periods.

In a past interview with the BBC, Mbosso opened up about his health issues. The Tanzanian Bongo artist revealed that he and his family members, including his mother, sibling, and aunt, all suffer from a heart problem called atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis is caused by the buildup of fats, cholesterol, and other substances on the walls of the arteries, which can cause them to narrow and block blood flow.

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Tanzanian Artist of Wasafi Record Label Mbwana Yusuph alias Mbosso entertains revellers at the Mombasa Sports Club during the Wasafi Festivals in Mombasa in this photo taken on 27th December 2018.
Photo by Kevin Odit.

Mbosso stated that he had been healthy until he turned 27 when he discovered that he also had a family illness.

He was told that the blood vessels in his heart that transported blood to other parts of his body were blocked with fat, making it difficult for his heart to function properly.

Mbosso revealed that the illness sometimes jeopardizes his career due to the symptoms he experiences, such as trembling hands and intense pain and numbness.

He recalled an incident where he could not perform with his guitar at a show in Mbeya, Tanzania, due to his trembling hands.

In addition to his narrow arteries, he also had early signs of diabetes and had to regulate his sugar intake.

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