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MCA Tricky fires back at YY comedian over Churchill’s generosity

Former Churchill Show comedian MCA Tricky has taken a swipe at fellow comedian YY for refuting claims made by Paul Ogutu Wakimani regarding Churchill’s generous gestures towards his proteges.

The controversy erupted when Wakimani disclosed in an interview that Churchill, the renowned comedy mentor, had offered his comedians a choice between a brand new car or KSh 300,000 to boost their careers.

Wakimani went on to mention comedians such as Eddie Butita, Njoro, Jemutai, and Karis, stating that some still use the cars Churchill had allegedly bought for them.

“…Those who wanted cars were directed to go to showrooms and choose a car. There are people who still have those cars to date. Churchill gave us money and that is one thing most of these comedians have never said about him. It was also one of the best day in being in the laugh industry.”

While YY, another ex-Churchill comedian, dismissed Wakimani’s claims as false on his Instagram stories, MCA Tricky, who left Churchill Show to pursue a radio career, came out in support of Wakimani.

Tricky, during a podcast session with Wakimani, expressed gratitude for Churchill’s contributions to his success.

He revealed that he received KSh 300,000 from Churchill and attributed his wealth, success, radio job, and even the plots he owns to Churchill’s benevolence.

“Let’s be quick to be grateful instead of being quick to deny the claims. Let’s be quick to appreciate what Churchill did for us instead of being quick to clarify whether it is true or false. Personally, as MCA Tricky, Churchill gave me KSh 300,000 in the groups that we were in. That is the truth,” MCA Tricky emphasized.

He went on to acknowledge that Churchill played a crucial role in shaping his career, stating:

“God used him to give all those things. For example, I am doing radio; there is no way I would get the job without being MCA Tricky, and I became MC Tricky thanks to Churchill’s platform. The fact is Churchill helped us.”