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Meru First Gentleman Murega Baicu alleges harassment from MCAs

Meru County First Gentleman Murega Baicu says he is being harassed and criticized because he happens to be the husband of governor Kawira Mwangaza.

Mr Baicu, also a famous vernacular musician, made the claim in an interview with journalists on Friday.

He wondered why Members of the County Assembly, who happen to be at war with his wife, have a problem with him residing at the governor’s official residence.

“The (governor’s) official resident is like what State House is to the President,” he explained.

“It has been said that because I’ve not been elected by the voters, and that because I’m not a civil servant, I’m not supposed to sleep in that residence. So I’ve been forced to sleep inside our home because I’m not supposed to sleep at the official residence.”

He spoke amid reports MCAs are preparing to impeach the governor, barely three months since she assumed office.

The governor has been largely accused of involving her husband in matters that are not part of his work.

Ms Mwangaza has also been accused of tagging her husband to executive meetings, which is unlawful.

Mr Baicu insists he has been on the receiving end since the governor took the office and has at times been forced not to board the governor’s official vehicle.

“I’m asking EACC (the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commision) to help me to know what kind of meetings I should attend and the vehicle I should use because up to this end, what I’m going through is Gender-Based Violence which is not only for women. As a man, I’m also going through it,” he said.

The calls from a section of MCAs to impeach the governor have been hastened by a motion filed by an activist, saying that the governor violated the constitution by bringing the husband to the board and by employing her sister.

Mr Baicu is said to have contributed to her husband’s election by singing at her rallies during the campaign period.

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