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Mheshimiwa Tiktoker: Kenyan politicians with a huge following on TikTok

The TikTok community in Kenya is witnessing a surge in popularity, particularly among the younger generation, who are taking the platform by storm.

With its user-friendly interface and engaging features, TikTok has become a preferred social platform for Kenyan youth to express their creativity, share content, and connect with others.

From dance challenges to lip-syncing videos, Kenyan TikTokers are showcasing their talents and personalities, attracting a growing audience both locally and internationally.

The platform’s algorithm, which prioritises discoverability and virality, has enabled users to gain quick traction and build large followings.

Moreover, TikTok’s diverse content ecosystem allows users to explore a wide range of topics, from comedy sketches to educational content and social activism.

This versatility has contributed to the platform’s appeal and has fostered a vibrant and dynamic community.

As more Kenyans embrace TikTok as a means of self-expression and entertainment, the platform is expected to continue its rapid growth, shaping digital culture and providing a platform for creativity and connection among the country’s youth.

Infact, TikTok might become a key battleground for political campaigns in the upcoming 2027 General Election.

Here is a list of Kenya politicians who are currently on TikTok

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja

Sakaja boasts over 477,600 followers and has received a staggering 2.6 million likes.

Sakaja joined the platform in January 2023.

Sakaja regularly engages with the younger generation through his TikTok page.

In his first video, Sakaja reached out to his followers, inviting them to guide him and suggest what to do next.

“I’m new here, so feel free to show me around,” he expressed in the video.

His followers quickly joined in, and within 24 hours, Sakaja gained 64,000 followers. He took the opportunity to express his gratitude in another video saying, “I think I am enjoying this, thank you all so much.”


Naskia inaitwa “ One Legge “ 😅 #thenairobifestival

♬ original sound – Saks

Karen Nyamu

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu was among the early politicians to join the platform during its inception.

Karen has garnered a significant following of 417,500 followers and an impressive 3.9 million likes.

She is also among the top-followed politicians on the platform.


My baby gudimonin😌 #karennyamu #senatorkarennyamu #bebeyakanairo

♬ original sound – ꧁Twalib Athman꧂

Former Mombasa governor Hassan Joho

Former Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho has uploads videos on his TikTok account of himself dancing and vibing to different songs.

He showcases his flashy lifestyle and dress code on the platform.

He often posts on TikTok entertaining his fans by trying out different challenges and has been seen lip-syncing to songs.

He has also been posting his gym activities which give him his nice-looking body making ladies hype over him.

His Instagram page boasts a substantial following of 501,000 followers and has accumulated an impressive 2.1 million likes.



♬ original sound – Hassan Joho

Martha Karua

During the campaign period for the August 2022 election, Martha Karua created a TikTok account urging Kenyans to connect with her and vote Azimio.

“This is my official Tik-Tok Channel, connect with me and vote Azimio”, She said to her fans before taking off in a helicopter.

She rarely posts on her Tik-Tok account but when she does Kenyans view and like her posts because she is known to many who look up to her.

On her TikTok account, she is often referred to as “The Iron Lady.” She boasts a total of 163.8K followers and 662.9K likes on the platform.


Asante Kevin for the passion fruits 💙💙💙 #voteblue #mamakenya #iammartha #marthakarua #dpmarthakarua #mw4martha #inawezekananamartha #asantemartha #tiktokkenya #foryou #fyp #trending #embu

♬ original sound – Martha Karua Official