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Michelle Ntalami makes social media comeback amid legal battles

After a notable absence from social media, Kenyan business magnate Michelle Ntalami has made a striking return to her platforms after a brief hiatus following a previous legal battle with MNet and actress Minne Kariuki.

It appears a little too convenient that the highly esteemed entrepreneur decided to take a little time off social media at a time when she had publicly proclaimed her intent to take legal action against the multimedia outlet and its confederate channels for ‘damaging her reputation and public image’.

Now making a comeback, the entrepreneur has kept mum about the legal proceedings and has instead taken the time to share with her fans what she has been doing during her absence on the internet, all while informing them of her new motives moving forward.

Acknowledging her prolonged silence, Ntalami expressed gratitude for the flood of support and affection she received during her time away. In her candid message, she shared, “I know I’ve been missing here for a mad minute. Reflecting and recalibrating. My life has been unfolding a lot. Quite beautifully, I might add.”

Just a month ago, Michelle Ntalami moved to court seeking compensation from South African pay TV provider M-Net for allegedly damaging her reputation and using her image in its popular series ‘Real Housewives of Nairobi’ without her consent.

According to the petition filed at the High Court, Ntalami says that the show’s producers included her in three episodes without her consent for purposes of “promoting the program and for commercial gain”.

The Marini Naturals proprietor sought compensation by an award of damages, and also wants the court to order the removal and deletion of all images and video referring to her in episodes 1 and 2, as well as the Reunion. She demanded that her image on the reality show be erased from all of M-Net’s TV networks, online and on social media platforms.

Ntalami also sued Housewives of Nairobi cast member Minne Kariuki, Young Rich Television Ltd and D&R Studios, which specialize in the production of audio and visual content.

“The plaintiff seeks general damages from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th defendants for producing, publishing and distributing on radio, television, print and digital media, the false and malicious words spoken and written by the 1st defendant of and concerning the plaintiff,” she said in an affidavit filed in court.

The Real Housewives of Nairobi is broadcast on Showmax, an on-demand streaming platform, and its affiliates owned by M-Net. Ntalami alleged that M-Net profited from content that is defamatory, obscene and offensive.

According to court papers, trouble allegedly started on November 8, 2022 when Ntalami was invited by show cast member Susan Kaittany as a dinner guest at a Nairobi Hotel.

She said there was a filming crew at the event, but alleged that she was not offered a consent form or image rights release agreement. She further alleged that the crew informed her someone else would be handling the legal matters.

According to her lawyer Kethi Kilonzo, Ntalami was made to believe that someone would reach out to her with the agreement. She maintained she did not consent to any videotape, audio or film connected to the TV series.

She alleged that as soon as the show was launched, Minne Kariuki began cyberbullying her and uttering false, malicious words about her.

“She attacked the plaintiff’s personality, her character, her good social standing, her business and social brand, and her business- Marini Naturals,” Kilonzo said in suit papers.

She said the malicious words were uttered by Ms Kariuki, produced by Young Rich TV and D&R Studios, and distributed by M-Net.

In one of the episodes, Kariuki allegedly refers to Ntalami as “The boss of Marini Naturals, yet she is wearing a * wig”.

On March 2, M-Net allegedly aired Episode 2 of the Real Housewives of Nairobi and stated: “I told her you know what, we write cheques, you write Insta stories and post.”

Ntalami says she’s an internationally acclaimed, award-winning entrepreneur, and that the words were calculated to disparage her in her trade and business. She further stated she has an exceptional social standing and influence with millions of followers on various media platforms, and that Kariuki exploited her reputation, personal brand, trade, and social media influence.

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