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Mixed reactions as Sh30k Boyz II Men Stanbic Yetu Festival ends at 10pm

Kenyans from all walks of lives joined forces to grace a memorable musical celebration in Nairobi on June 10, 2023.

The highly anticipated event, dubbed Stanbic Yetu Festival, took place at the iconic Uhuru Gardens, setting the stage for an extraordinary experience. Top of the artists in attendance was Kenyan band Sauti Sol and R&B icob Boyz II Men.

At 4 pm, the gates to the venue were open, welcoming a wave of excited fans eager to be part of the upcoming event.

As attendees streamed in, their tickets were diligently checked, ensuring a smooth entry process.

At 7 pm sharp, the highly anticipated concert commenced as the beloved boy band, Sauti Sol, took the stage.

All dressed in black outfits and with infectious energy and gratitude, the band expressed their appreciation to the crowd of enthusiastic Kenyan fans who were shouting their names at the top of their voices.

The started off with a song from their recent album, Mid-night Train.

With their unique blend of African beats and captivating harmonies, Sauti Sol mesmerized the audience, taking them on a musical journey like no other.

The talented group showcased their exceptional artistry, leaving the crowd in awe with their soulful performances and infectious energy.

Their performance lasted for exactly one hour and at 8:00pm, they left the stage leaving their fans asking for more.
At precisely 8:45, the moment everyone had been eagerly awaiting arrived as Boyz II Men, dressed impeccably in white sweatpants suits, made their entrance onto the stage.

The sight of the iconic group sent ripples of excitement throughout the venue, heightening the anticipation that had been building since the concert’s inception.

Boyz II Men wasted no time in acknowledging the massive crowd that had gathered to witness their performance.

With heartfelt appreciation, the group expressed their gratitude for the overwhelming support from their Kenyan fans.
As the evening unfolded, fans were in for a truly unforgettable experience as Boyz II Men took the stage by storm.
The iconic group not only mesmerized the audience with their soulful performances but also delighted Kenyan women by showering them with red roses, adding a touch of romance to the atmosphere.

Precisely at 9:45 pm, the group concluded their set, prompting an enthusiastic crowd to request for more.
From the crowd, some fans were asking for Sauti Sol to get back to the stage while others wanted some change from what they had paid to attend the historic event.

Passionate fans eagerly expressed their wish for Sauti Sol, the beloved boy band, to grace the stage once more by the MC, Maina Kageni said the concert was over.

As bloggers caught up with celebrities outside the venue, their comments shed light on the varied experiences of those who attended the show.

Former Mombasa governor, Hassan Joho, praised the greatness and amazing performances, appreciating the show’s timely conclusion at 10 pm, allowing attendees to return home early.

He acknowledged that “End of the road” by Boyz II Men was his best song as he also commended Sauti Sol for their consistent greatness.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, Kenyans shared a range of reactions towards the show.

Shelly expressed concern about the adverse weather conditions, with rain soaking regular ticket holders who had to stand outside.

She also raised questions about the overall event organization, pointing out various aspects that seemed to have faltered.

Dr. Njoki Wamai, PhD, acknowledged the great performances from both bands but voiced disappointment with the organizers, particularly highlighting the poor experience for regular ticket holders.

In other news, she mentioned a playful interaction between Boyz II Men’s Shawn and Kenyan fans, hinting at a lighter moment amidst the criticisms.

Dr. Wamai also criticized the excessive provision of sofas for VIP attendees, resulting in limited space for regular ticket holders, comparing it to how concerts are held in stadiums or tents elsewhere in the world.

Another Twitter user, @AbigailArunga, expressed concern about the sound quality, suggesting that the sound setup seemed inadequate, possibly due to a lack of sound check, speakers, or proper planning.

Feedback on the restroom facilities was also shared.

Under the hashtag #Repeal162, one attendee commented on the insufficient number of bathrooms, leading to overwhelming queues and a shortage of water.

Generally, different people has a different feeling towards the event.

VVIP tickets, granted attendees access to an exclusive amenities, with a price tag of Sh30,000. The VIP ticket category, priced at Sh15,000, offered attendees a privileged seating arrangements and enhanced amenities, ensuring a comfortable and memorable event experience. For those who desired an affordable yet enjoyable option, regular tickets were made available at a cost of Sh8,000.

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