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MP Sankok opens up on his signature suit

Nominated Jubilee Party’s Member of Parliament David Ole Sankok has opened up about his signature attire with Kenyan flag stripes.

The legislature took to his Facebook page where he divulged that his dressing is inspired by his passion for environmental conservation as well as zeal for patriotism.

The outspoken legislator urged Kenyans to plant trees in public and private land.

“My green suit signifies the need to conserve our environment by planting more trees not only in government gazetted forests but also in our private lands,” read part of his post.

He also revealed that the Kenyan flag stripes on his clothes is a subtle message to Kenyans to live together in unity and embrace patriotism as citizens of one country.


“The flag stripes signifies the need for Kenyans to be patriotic because fate and destiny brought us together within Kenya boundaries,” he said.

The lawmaker, who is also the National Council of Persons with Disabilities’ (NCPD) chairperson, appealed to the government to put in place strategies for water harvesting even as the country braces itself for a dry spell following heavy rains which have been experienced recently.

Sankok, who at one point in 2018 revealed he was an activist for environmental conservation, decried the failure by the government to conserve water during the rainy seasons whereby most rain water is swept to the Indian Ocean.

“I wish the government constructed dams so that the water is made useful to the residents here. As you have seen, several houses have been submerged in water and for now, the water flows freely to Ewaso Nyiro River before eventually going to Tanzania. If we could control the water, it would help us in the future. I urge Maasai to plant trees because they help in breaking water speed. Mau Forest is not enough,” he appealed through a video embedded on his post.