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Mubaba! Pritty Vishy explains why she will not reveal new catch

Kenyan socialite Purity Vishenwa, popularly known as Pritty Vishy, has reiterated that she moved on, and no longer thinks about her ex-fiancé, Stivo Simple Boy.

The digital content creator also explained that her current relationship is very private and confidential.

Contrary to her previous affair with Stephen Otieno Adera, a Kenyan rapper popularly known by his stage name as Stivo Simple Boy, where she could post photos of their lovely moments together online, Pritty has said she will hide her new catch from the internet.

I will make him public the day I will be certain we are bound to settle down, Pritty has insisted on acknowledging her fiancé as a mubaba.

“Nimemove on siko soko…I have someone that I am dating and he is very confidential, very private. Namficha kama bangi,” she said in a video to her fans.

Recently, the socialite who is also an actor posted on her social media handles a photo of him and a guy, but she has refuted claims that that is her new man.

“I posted this dude and later deleted it, unfortunately, the photo had gone viral. The person I posted is my friend. Even friends can make me happy,” she explained.

Questioning how curious people are and judgmental, she wonders why they accuse her of snatching someone’s husband.

“People started accusing me of nimeiba picha ya bwana wa wenyewe. Some even went ahead to make assumptions that he is not in Kenya…Mambo yalikuwa mengi. Why didn’t the wife come out to claim him?” she posed, adding that if it were her, she would not be quiet when her husband is snatched.

And by declaring her current relationship confidential, Pritty wants people to respect her decision and know that “my mubabas is my mubabas”.

She rose to fame owing to her relationship with Stivo Simple Boy.

She could once in a while share her photos and videos together with her superstar ex-boyfriend.

However, the two parted ways last year, Pritty accusing the Mihadarati hit maker for cheating on her with Adassa.

The rapper has also moved on. ​

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