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My wife reads my DMs from naughty fans and laughs – Senator Edwin Sifuna

Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna has praised his wife in glowing terms.

They’ve been together since 2015 and are now proud parents.

Sharing a peek into their family life, he spoke highly about his wife in a podcast session with Mic Cheque.

“My wife is from Matungu. In our tradition, you can’t be chosen if you don’t have a wife. In 2015, I had to officially take her as my wife by paying her dowry.”

When asked if he challenges his wife at home, Sifuna described himself as a laid-back person who lets his wife lead.

“She’s more educated than me. I respect her a lot and don’t argue with her. She’s an environmental lawyer with a master’s degree. She used to work as a prosecutor for KWS. Her upbringing in Loresho, where her father was an MP, shaped her,” he shared.

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Sifuna emphasised the importance of having a strong partner.

“Every man needs a solid person in their life. Sometimes, she reads messages on social media and laughs at the comments and DMs from other women. She’s not afraid even when I’m involved in political activism,” he added.

Sifuna added that when his mother lives in fear her son would be harmed, his wife is always encouraging her to pray for him.

“Like when we swore in Raila, my mum was so stressed and she lives in fear I might be killed for being vocal in politics. She called my wife and told her not to allow me leave the house. But my wife told her that was my work and the only thing that she could do was to pray for me.”

On a lighter note, Sifuna credited his wife for introducing him to cologne and perfumes.

“I never used them before. She also introduced me to massages,” he chuckled.

Despite starting with a humble income, Sifuna affirmed his loyalty to his wife. “I’ve always been faithful. I’ve never been interested in other women,” he asserted, adding with a laugh.

“We weren’t officially married at first, but we were living together.”

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